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The youth, no doubt, constitute the lifeblood of any society. They constitute an untapped reservoir of inexhaustible assets. Depending on the State’s managerial policy adopted, these youth gifts may turn out productive and contribute into their nation’s development. Or else, the youth become trouble makers and destructive agents that curb, hamper or even ruin their nation’s progress when the governmental policy utilized excludes or marginalizes them. Such policy is, therefore, unfruitful and counterproductive. This conference is an occasion for researchers, professors, educationists, academicians and State officials to delineate the appropriate managerial policy susceptible to tap into the 21st Century youth’s unlimited potential. The conference is also an auspicious opportunity to investigate how public and private organizations handle their youthful staff in depth and how the latter act inside the former.

This conference aims to discuss the managerial policies susceptible to tap into the unlimited and unexplored 21st Century youth’s potential. This intrigues different actors namely,

  • Political leaders who are to sustain dialogue with young people and encourage them in their entrepreneurial, community and political initiatives by preparing a propitious framework for this purpose.
  • Teachers and educators are solicited more than ever in the development of creativity and the spirit of innovation among young students to enable them to live in a world in constant-flux.
  • • Professionals are equally invited to accompany and orient young people.

The conference does not seek to expose the issues of both parties. It essentially aims at suggesting unprecedented measures whereby public and private organizations can draw maximum benefit from youth’s infinite skills and talents. The conference aspires also to propose unparalleled solutions and methods most likely to transform present-day public and private organizations into congenial outlets for these youth to contribute their hidden potentials.